Enthone, Inc., a business of Cookson Electronics, has introduced a family of PFOS-free wetting agents and fume suppressants (WAFS) for decorative and hard chrome applications. Each process offers surface finishers environmentally sound, high-performance solutions that address the pending U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules significantly impacting the use of Perfluorinated Octane Sulfonate (PFOS) fume suppressants for plating processes.

ENTHONE® PFOS-free solutions minimize air emissions, while reducing worker exposure to hexavalent chromium. Transitioning from PFOS-containing processes now, ensures an uninterrupted chemistry supply and service when the new EPA regulations take effect. Specifically, the processes include:

  • ANKOR® Wetting Agent FF: effectively prevents misting from decorative hexavalent chrome solutions based on formation of a foam blanket.
  • ANKOR® PF1: designed to reduce the surface tension of hexavalent chrome solutions with low foam generation. It is stable at elevated temperatures and can be used to reduce misting in operations such as hard chrome, decorative chrome and anodizing.
  • UDIQUE® Wetting Agent PF2: low foaming wetting agent that also reduces surface tensions designed for use in chromic acid etch solutions found in plating on plastics applications.

The final rule from EPA is expected to be approved later this year. Once enacted, the law will restrict the use of PFOS-based wetting agent/fume suppressants (WAFS) used in chromic acid anodizing, decorative chromium electroplating and hard chromium electroplating. 

“By adopting a proactive approach to the PFOS issue years ago, Enthone is able deliver uninterrupted service and an uninterrupted chemistry supply to our customers now faced with needing to make the move to a more environmentally-friendly alternative," said Brian DeWald, Director of Marketing and Commercial Development, Enthone Americas.

For more information on ENTHONE PFOS-free processes, visit www.enthone.com/PFOSfree.