Dawn Research, KC Jones Plating Co., Palmetto Plating, Metalise it…America, and Wolverine Plating Corporation have something in common. Not only are they innovative finishers in their respective fields, but they will also break new ground by exhibiting at SUR/FIN 2010, slated for June 14–17 at Devos Place in Grand Rapids, Mich.

For finishers like Bob Burger, president of Warren, Mich.–based KC Jones Plating Co., the decision to sign up to exhibit at SUR/FIN came naturally. “There were two primary drivers,” he recalled. “Frankly, the first was to provide support to [NASF]. Second, we have been working very hard at diversifying our customer base, and Western Michigan is home to a very diverse group of manufacturers—from office furniture and health care to alternative energy.”

That market expansion strategy is in line with the variety and level of services KC Jones Plating Co. offers. Via a pair of two Detroit-area plants, the company has served North American and international markets for almost a half-century, providing value-added solutions and processes that enhance the strength, durability and appearance of industrial components.

Other finishers also see SUR/FIN as a chance to tap into new markets while demonstrating their talents. For example, at Huntsville, Ala.–based Dawn Research, Inc., president Darell Engelhaupt plans to shine the spotlight on a pair of technologies: an environmentally friendly electrolytic nickel phosphorous plating bath as well as an electronic stress monitor.

“I’ve invested quite a lot of money and time in the electrolytic nickel phosphorous process, and [SUR/FIN] looked like the best advertising avenue to showcase it,” Engelhaupt explained. While no stranger to SUR/FIN or the industry (he has presented technical papers at past shows and has been involved in research for 30 years), Engelhaupt will be exhibiting for the first time. His main goal is to generate interest among OEMs, but he’s also hoping to grab the attention of government/military representatives who might provide some assistance in developing specifications or certifications for the electrolytic nickel phosphorous technology.
“We know it works ourselves because we use it,” Engelhaupt noted, “but it terms of MIL Specs or ASTM standards, we really need to introduce this technology to the ‘NIST’ people.”

Like KC Jones and Dawn Research, Roseville, Mich.–based Wolverine Plating Co. will also be on the lookout for potential customers and opportunities. “My hopes and expectations are that there will be attendees from companies who use plated parts and/or specify the plating that goes on them,” said Rick Keith, president. “We will be there to show off our products and show evidence of our quality and service record in order to garner new business.”

Ditto for Metalise it . . . America, Inc., a fairly young operation. Established in January 2009, the Pella, Iowa–based metal coating facility is specifically dedicated to finishing products that have been produced using rapid prototyping (RP) and rapid manufacturing (RM) technologies.

According to the company, the Metalise it ... process provides—for RP applications—a significant advantage over alternative technologies: when the composite metal material is applied to a plastic part, it adds a structural coating as well as an appealing cosmetic finish. The Metalise it… process—developed by AT 3D-SQUARED at their locations in Switzerland, as well as in the United Kingdom—offers several benefits for plastic parts. Among them: resistance to moisture, temperature, humidity and corrosion, thereby allowing parts to be used in more aggressive and corrosive environments.

Rounding out the list of finisher exhibitors in Palmetto Plating, based in Easley, S.C. Founded by John Cutchin in 1964, Palmetto Plating originally provided metal finishing services to the local textile industry. Over the years, the company has grown to accommodate the needs of changing industries, both regional and beyond, while maintaining its customized approach to surface finishing. It's those skills that Palmetto Plating is looking to showcase before attendees and other exhibitors at SUR/FIN 2010 with the hopes of uncovering new business and networking opportunities.

"I spoke with some of the finishers who exhibited at SUR/FIN in Cleveland a few years ago, and I was really impressed with how enthusiastically they were received," Cutchin recalled. "Exhibiting at SUR/FIN this year sounded like a really good opportunity for us, because we're doing some interesting things that other platers don't do." Some of these capabilties, he said, include specialized electropolishing services and on-site pickle passivation of large components. Palmetto Plating, which prides itself on the ability to handle complex jobs that entail a lot of pre-planning and engineering, will also use the opportunity to promote a new barrel-plating process that replaces chromium.

 Register your company online today. But please act fast as exhibit space is nearly sold out.