Haviland Enterprises, Inc., a major chemical manufacturing, packaging, and distribution company founded in 1934, is now 100% employee owned. Prior to this sale, Haviland Enterprises was owned 54% by the Haviland family and 46% by Haviland employees. The remaining family stake in the company was sold to Haviland’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Trust via an independent team of attorneys, advisors and trustees.

The transaction was administered by the law firm of Dickinson Wright PLLC and Eureka Capital Partners representing the Haviland family, and K & L Gates LLP and Adamy Valuation representing the Haviland ESOP. Bankers Trust Co. served as an independent trustee. This completes the transition of ownership from the Haviland family to the employees, which began in 1997.

“This sale is consistent with our family’s commitment to the employees and to the communities of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo,” said Haviland CEO E. Bernard Haviland, the youngest of 12 children of founder J.B. Haviland. “Employee ownership was clearly the optimal path forward for everyone involved. This is an exciting event for the employees, who have always been fully committed to the Haviland legacy of customer satisfaction and solid growth.”

Haviland Enterprises consists of two separate divisions: Haviland Products Company and Haviland Consumer Products. Haviland Products Company formulates and distributes commodity and specialty chemistry for surface finishing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies throughout North America. Haviland Products Company is a contract manufacturer and private labeler for several Fortune 500 companies.

Haviland Consumer Products formulates, blends, packages, and distributes more than 85 different swimming pool chemicals to professional pool dealers throughout the United States.

Haviland Enterprises, which employs 220 people and operates more than 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space, generated sales of $115 million in fiscal 2012.  Chemical Engineer J.B. Haviland launched the company in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1934 to provide coatings and finishes to the region's furniture industry. Haviland Enterprises began as a small laboratory and chemical supply company. Over time, Haviland became one of the largest privately held chemical distribution companies in the United States.

Haviland Enterprises remained a family-owned business until 1997, when it began an employee stock option program (ESOP). In 2004, Haviland Enterprises was named “Michigan’s ESOP Company of the Year.”

 Haviland Products Company serves the industrial market with custom formulation, specialty blending, packaging and distribution of a wide variety of chemical products, including industrial cleaners, specialty products for anodizing, electroplating, and basic chemicals for the pharmaceutical, food, waste water, automobile and other general manufacturing industries. This division operates three separate business groups: Commodity Chemistry, Surface Finishing and Specialty Chemistry, and Contract Manufacturing.

Haviland Consumer Products formulates, blends, packages, and distributes more than 85 different swimming pool products for more than 75 different private label customers, serving some of the country’s largest mass marketers of private label products. This division operates two separate business groups: Haviland Pool & Spa; and Haviland Hose.

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