SERFILCO® Ltd are delighted to announce the appointment of Huw Williams as global general manager. To fulfill his new role, he has relocated to corporate headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, from SERFILCO’s International office in Manchester, UK, where he has been managing director for the past six years.

Huw was born in South Wales, where he lived until he attended University in Kingston, Surrey, graduating in 1987 with a BA (Honours) in music. After graduation, Huw began working as a brass instrument tester and developer at Boosey & Hawkes Ltd., the brass instrument manufacturer based in North London. In a busy production environment, he gained valuable expertise in assembly, quality control, production management and metal finishing, and spent his last six years there as finishing and electroplating manager.

Having spent several years managing and developing one of Europe’s largest nickel, copper and silver plating shops, Huw has a real insight into the needs and concerns of plating managers. As someone who purchased and used SERFILCO products throughout the plating lines that he managed, Huw has a wealth of hands-on”experience and knowledge of materials finishing, both from a chemical and equipment standpoint.

Huw joined the SERFILCO organization in 1998 in a sales role servicing the southern counties of the UK, based at SERFILCO Europe’s offices in Manchester, UK. Huw was promoted to sales manager in 2001, general manager in 2003 and then to managing director (MD) in 2005.

After four years as MD developing SERFILCO’s business in the UK and particularly overseas, SERFILCO® Europe became SERFILCO® International in 2009. It continues to grow, developing international business, while maintaining its position as market leader in the UK.

Huw opened SERFILCO China in 2008, located in Shanghai, to further enhance SERFILCO’s global position. Huw also has responsibility for SERFILCO Germany and SERFILCO France, which has resulted in him travelling extensively. This has provided great opportunities to further expand SERFILCO’s global network of dealers, distributors and OEM’s, particularly in Asia.

In 2008, Huw was awarded a Fellowship by the Institute of Metal Finishing. During his time at SERFILCO, he has published and presented many technical papers in several countries, introducing various technologies and products developed by SERFILCO, particularly concerning environmental, productivity and health and safety issues.

With a global view of the industry, Huw has long been an enthusiastic participant in industry associations. From 2010 – 2012, he was elected chairman of the Surface Engineering Association. In 2010, he was elected international director of the Institute of Metal Finishing. Huw believes wholeheartedly in their vital role as representatives and advocates of progress and best practice within the surface engineering industry.

Huw is currently a member of the International branch of the AESF and is looking forward to developing a new network of friends and colleagues as he begins a new chapter based at Corporate HQ in the USA.

As Global GM at SERFILCO, Huw maintains his positions as managing director at the International offices and is looking forward to further developing global sales, marketing and operational strategies to strengthen their commitment to providing customers with outstanding products and services.

Huw is very grateful to his domestic and international colleagues for their dedication and hard work. His team of international GMs are doing a fine job maintaining the overall development of the company.