Industrie De Nora Group, a leading provider of key innovative electrochemical technologies, presents the new business unit De Nora Next. De Nora Next supplies highly innovative and eco-friendly systems and products aimed at increasing the well being of persons, animals and plants, improving the quality of life in a safe way respecting the environment.  

De Nora Next was able to transform Industrie De Nora’s proven know-how, typically industrial, applying it to mid-size applications in order to produce disinfecting solutions with no residuals, These systems are designed to produce “on-site” and “on-demand” solutions, ideal for disinfection and cleaning of surfaces.

“These compact electro-chemical systems are stimulating great attention in the scientific world as well as in many other strategic sectors, such as medical, domestic, zoo-technical, industrial and food," said Giorgio Padula, head of De Nora Next Business Unit. "De Nora Next is ready to catch all the markets opportunities and to guarantee flexible solutions for different applications, developing its own technology with relevant international partners."