Regulators are pushing EPA to revise regulations or issue new guidance regarding pretreatment standards for the metal finishing industry, arguing the updates are a “very high priority” because of new “green” technology used by the industry that could remove some toxics from the waste stream but potentially introduce new pollutants of concern.

According to ICHEM's Risk Policy Report, the issue is the top priority for proposed regulatory updates listed by the Association of Clean Water Administrators (ACWA) in a June 20 letter to EPA. The association last February also called for similar revisions to regulations for metal finishers, citing several potential consequences from the new technology. Relevant documents are available on (Doc ID: 2440462).

EPA last issued pretreatment standards for the metal finishing and electroplating sectors in the early 1980s. ACWA says if those regulations "will not be updated in the near future, EPA should provide specific guidance regarding application of these regulations."

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