The deal between Integran Technologies and Magnetic Shield Corporation is designed to accelerate market penetration of Integran's Nanovate EM coating for low frequency magnetic shielding. Integran's Nanovate EM coating process achieves similar performance to specialty discrete magnetic shielding foils, but uses a process that allows a nanocrystalline metal to be applied directly to metal, polymer and composite substrates. The process flexibility enables applications where part size, and/or complexity makes the use of formed foils impractical. In addition, the Nanovate™ EM coating also eliminates additional processes such as forming, annealing and assembly.

"We see tremendous promise in the Nanovate™ EM coating when considering the decreasing size and increasing complexity of certain part applications," said Mark Wickler, COO of Magnetic Shield Corporation.

The agreement is expected to leverage Magnetic Shield Corporation's wealth of knowledge and extensive customer base, built over 68 years of business, to find existing and new applications where the Nanovate™ EM coating would be an effective and elegant solution. "We are excited about the MDA with Magnetic Shield Corporation as they have demonstrated themselves to be market leaders in the magnetic shielding industry, both from a material supply and an application support perspective," said Rich Emrich, vice president of business development at Integran.

Integran and Magnetic Shield Corporation expect interest from customers working with sensors, transducers, and other electronic devices sensitive to low frequency magnetic interference to be particularly interested in this novel approach.