METALAST International has announced that RD Taylor has joined its growing network of domestic and international distributors. RD Taylor is the first METALAST distributor located in the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, RD Taylor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haas TCM, a global chemical management company and also boasts offices in England and Scotland and can also meet the growing demands of METALAST products coming from “mainland” Europe.

Since 1919, RD Taylor has provided a wide variety of products to many of the most recognized companies in the aerospace, aviation, military and defense industries. Keeping in line with their commitment to quality standards, RD Taylor is an AS 9102:2002 and EN ISO 9001:2000 approved company.

Now partnered with METALAST, RD Taylor will offer the entire family of METALAST products including environmentally friendly chemical conversion and anodizing chemicals. “RD Taylor brings a wealth of technical experience, knowledge and reputation as one of the leading distributors in all of Europe, and we are honored to be associated with such a prestigious organization," said Gregory Semas, METALAST senior vice president, operations.

Andrew Drummond, the managing director of RD Taylor & Co. Ltd., welcomes the international distributorship agreement with METALAST, adding that they are "extremely pleased to be associated with such a unique range of products offered to the metal finishing industry.”