Neal Orringer, Director of Manufacturing, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, will deliver the 9AM keynote on Tuesday, May 8, day one of the Mfg4 Conference and Exhibition set to place at Connecticut’s Hartford Convention Center.

During the presentation, titled “Finding Common Cause: The Manufacturing Economy & Defense Demand,”  Orringer will discuss the importance of a robust manufacturing sector to U.S. national defense, outfitting the American warfighter with unmatched capability at the best value for the taxpayer. While the Department of Defense remains the federal government's largest consumer of manufactured goods, its product demand is merely a fraction of the overall economy. To that end, Orringer will highlight niche Defense requirements and measures the Department is taking to sustain access to robust, agile, and competitive supply chains.

Orringer has served in senior national security and economic policy positions for more than 13 years. Appointed by the Obama Administration in 2010, he helped the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense stand up the newly created Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy (MIBP) office, focused on ensuring the defense supply base is capable of meeting warfighter requirements at the best value for the taxpayer.

As Director of Manufacturing, Orringer leads three MIBP offices – the Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) program, Defense Production Act Title III, and the Defense Production Act Committee (DPAC) Staff.


Mfg4 connects manufacturers from different disciplines and industries. This concept enables the unexpected discovery of solutions, such as a medical device manufacturer learning about advanced materials currently being used in aerospace, or for an aerospace engineer to see how a green energy company is applying advanced turbine technology. The conference program consists of four tracks covering: aerospace, defense, medical, and energy.

For registration information, please visit the Mfg4 website.