NACE International, The Corrosion Society, is proud to announce the winners of its 2013 Association Awards. The awards recognize individuals who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the corrosion industry.

The 2013 awards had more nominations than ever before from members worldwide who voluntarily commit their time -sometimes spanning decades- and effort to help NACE International’s mission to mitigate corrosion.

The winners of this year’s Association Awards are as follows:

R.A. Brannan Award – The signature honor recognizing service that helps promote NACE objectives
Clay Brelsford, Bass Engineering Co., Longview, Texas, USA
In NACE’s effort to restructure the region boundaries to its current membership areas, Mr. Brelsford developed coordination between members with strong regional alliances. His leadership style of maintaining a fair, objective and professional attitude in this potentially difficult reorganization was instrumental to help shape the face of NACE.

A.B. Campbell Award – Outstanding paper published in MP Magazine or CORROSION by an author age 35 or younger
Andrew King, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
“Sacrificial Anode-Based Galvanic and Barrier Corrosion Protection of 2024-T351 by a Mg-Rich Primer and Development of Test Methods for Remaining Life Assessment,” Corrosion, May 2011.

CORROSION Best Paper Award – Outstanding paper published in a journal
Dr. Koji Arioka, Institute of Nuclear Safety System Inc., Mikata-gun, Fukui, Japan; Dr. Takuyo Yamada, Institute of Nuclear Safety System Inc., Mikata-gun, Fukui, Japan; Tomoki Miyamoto, Kobe Material Testing Co., Ltd., Kako-gun, Hyogo, Japan; Dr. Takumi Terachi, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Mikata-gun, Fukui, Japan
“Dependence of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Alloy 690 on Temperature, Cold Work, and Carbide Precipitation – Role of Diffusion of Vacancies at Crack Tips,” Corrosion, March 2011.

Frank Newman Speller Award – Contributions in corrosion engineering
Dr. John Beavers, Det Norske Veritas (USA), Inc., Dublin, Ohio, USA
Dr. John Beavers has expanded industry understanding of stress corrosion cracking through the development and evaluation of laboratory test techniques, evaluation of controlling parameters, and the development of mitigation strategies. Dr. Beavers worked on the development of CorLASTM software, which is used routinely in the industry to ensure the integrity of underground pipeline systems.

H.H. Uhlig Award – Contributions in post-secondary corrosion education
Amir Eliezer, Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Omer, Israel
Mr. Eliezer is recognized for conveying and instilling in students the principles and applications of corrosion science and technology.

Willis Rodney Whitney Award – Contributions in corrosion science
Dr. Carmen Andrade, Institute Eduardo Torroja of Construction Science, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Andrade is honored for her work in the field of corrosion of steel in concrete. Dr. Andrade has worked as a scientist studying the durability of buildings, has written numerous publications, and is credited with several national and international patents. She has supervised 20 doctoral theses, served as director of the Institute Eduardo Torroja of Construction Science for more than 10 years, participated in standardization committees, and has been chair of several international organizations related to the specialty.

Distinguished Organization Award – Contribution to corrosion science and/or engineering awarded to an organization
Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas
Southwest Research Institute is recognized for its sustained contributions to both industry and government organizations in fundamental and applied science aspects of corrosion science, corrosion life prediction, corrosion sensing and monitoring, corrosion testing, and development of corrosion-resistant coatings.

Distinguished Service Award – Outstanding service to NACE (Multiple recipients)
Michael K. Baach, Philpott, Brunswick, Ohio, USA
For his commitment to the Congressional Affairs Committee responsible for preparing and introducing to Congress the Revised Corrosion Prevention Act.

Dr. Graham E.C. Bell, HDR|Schiff, Claremont, California, USA
For contributing tirelessly to achieving NACE’s mission, demonstrating unique dedication to leadership, mentoring, innovation, nurturing, and execution.

Kat Coronado, International Paint, LLC, Houston, Texas, USA
For his dedication to NACE’s high-quality industry standards and his willingness to serve the organization and his fellow members.

Rodney Einer, Williams Midstream Gas & Liquids, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
For service to NACE International for more than 25 years as a section leader who has contributed materially to scholarship and education activities of the section and association.

Dr. Carlos A. Palacios T., CIMA-TQ, LLC, Pearland, Texas, USA
For his work as a dedicated volunteer, clearly prioritizing the objectives of strengthening NACE International both technically and as an international organization through his multilateral efforts in the United States and Latin America.

Tom Weber, Trenton Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA
For his work as an ambassador for NACE in identifying and implementing critical initiatives for the Technical Coordination Committee (TCC), which, in turn, has positioned TCC and NACE Technical Activities in a dominant position internationally.

Technical Achievement Award –Technical contributions in corrosion engineering (Mutiple Recipients) 

Dr. Thomas R. Jack, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
For the applied research he has conducted on the role of microbiology in corrosion and industrial processes, advancing industry understanding of the role of bacteria oilfield and pipeline corrosion.

Richard J. Kessler, Retired, Gainesville, Florida, USA
For his contributions in corrosion research and engineering of prestressed and reinforced concrete structures, concrete durability and structural materials.

Teresa Perez, Tenaris, Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina
For her groundbreaking work in developing sour service-grade steels, her pioneering work on the effect of alloying elements on the performance improvement of steels, her highly effective activities at NACE and her training of corrosion and materials engineers.

Siamack A. Shirazi, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
For his 22 years of research that has advanced the field of erosion-corrosion mitigation for oilfield applications.

Dr. Malgorzata Ziomek-Moroz, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Albany, Oregon, USA
For her use of corrosion processes for surface modifications and electrochemical machining of brittle advanced bulk and thin film metallic materials. In the area of gaseous corrosion, her effort has focused on investigating carbon-induced corrosion of alloys in solid oxide fuel cells.

NACE Fellow Honor –Contributions in corrosion prevention (Multiple recipients)

Akram Alfantazi, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
In recognition of contributing 20-plus years to global leadership in education and scientific research and offering support to industrial practice in corrosion science and engineering.

Dr. Neal Berke, Tourney Consulting Group, LLC, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
For outstanding contributions to corrosion control of steel in concrete using corrosion inhibitors and other chemical admixtures that enhance infrastructure durability worldwide.

Dr. Luz Marina Calle, NASA, Orlando, Florida, USA
For outstanding leadership and technical contributions as the founder and technical lead of NASA’s Corrosion Technology Laboratory at the Kennedy Space Center.

Dr. William M. Cox, Corrosion Management Ltd., Rugby, United Kingdom
For developing and implementing sophisticated on-line corrosion monitoring and surveillance systems for complex service environments in energy, petrochemical and aerospace applications.

Christopher M. Fowler, Exova, Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom
For his research efforts to develop a realistic test method for the cracking susceptibility of a candidate metal in sour gas service.

Dr. James D. Garber, University of Louisiana-Layafette, Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
For his 30 years of research, teaching and leadership in the field of corrosion engineering.

Barry Gordon, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., San Jose, California, USA
For his expert knowledge in the field of corrosion in boiling water and pressurized water nuclear reactors and for his teaching efforts.

Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu, India
For contributions in the development and application of advanced materials and coatings for critical applications in nuclear and allied industries.

Neil Thompson, DNV, Dublin, Ohio, USA
For his contributions to workforce development, the economic effect of corrosion and the technical achievements in corrosion of buried pipelines and reinforcing steel in concrete.

Dr. Masakatsu Ueda, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, Wakayama, Japan
In recognition of his expertise in the area of corrosion science and its application to materials development for safe and improved economic application in energy production.

NACE Foundation Founders Award –Contributions and meritorious work by an individual on behalf of the NACE Foundation
Pierre Crevolin, Carboline Company, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

2013 Fifty-Year Members: NACE honors its members who will celebrate their 50th year of membership in 2013 (Multiple recipients)
Andrew C. Askew Jr.; Donald S. Burns; Howard G. Corbett; Dennis A. Dutton; John M. Elliott; Maria Magdalena Gonzalez; Robert A Gummow; James A. Hanck; Fumio Hine; Samuel L. Irwin; Walter B. Poff; V.T. Purohit; William J. Salot; Donald Mervyn Seid; Robert M. Shemenski; Alfred J. Teti

“The industry is positively impacted by these awards, and they are very significant to the NACE community” said Peter Andresen, NACE Awards Committee Chair. “There are individuals who work each day to reveal more about the nature of corrosion, and we want to recognize the legacy of their work. They help inspire us all to stay at the cutting edge of technology and remain involved with this fine organization.”

Founded in 1943, NACE International, The Corrosion Society, serves 30,000 members in 130 countries. Based in Houston, Texas, with offices in the U.S., China, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, the organization reaches all industries impacted by corrosion and offers the most specified technical training and certification programs, conferences, industry standards, reports, publications, and software to prevent and mitigate corrosion. NACE International provides members with career and business building resources, government relations and public awareness support, and research and education to support the pursuit of global corrosion control solutions.