Three new self-stratifying coatings technologies have resulted in patents for Eastern Michigan University (EMU) professor Jamil Baghdachi and engineers at the Toyota Technical Center, the American Coatings Association reports.

Baghdachi specializes in polymers and coatings at EMU's School of Engineering Technology and is one of three faculty members at the university’s Coatings Research Institute. He collaborated with a team from the Toyota Technical Center, a division of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America, to advance new technologies in the area of automotive coatings. The patents, jointly owned by EMU and Toyota, relate to coatings formulations that self-stratify into, for example, a base layer and a top layer, which could streamline the coating process and reduce manufacturing costs. The new technologies also control the location of pigments within self-stratifying or self-layering coating compositions.

"The aim of emerging technologies in coatings is to introduce sustainable multifunctional products, while improving the economy of the application," Baghdachi said. "One-step processed coatings that separate into functional layers upon curing or drying can be regarded as a sustainable process that reduces hazardous materials emissions, conserves energy, and improves the economy of coating applications."
Seiya Nakao, president of Toyota Technical Center, emphasized the value of collaborative research to create "new innovations and understandings that will benefit not just Toyota drivers but everyone on the road."