American Plating Power's new website features what is known in the industry as the largest range of power supplies for electroplating and other applications. Also featured is a wealth of additional information, including interactive online estimates, educational videos and other supporting literature available for download, a new news section, and information about available refurbished rectifiers.

Other key enhancements to the new site were designed to create a valuable resource for those seeking additional information on power supplies, as well as to allow better usability for existing equipment owners.
“Our existing clients can now log into our new site and download the manuals and drawings for equipment that we’ve built for them on a 24/7 basis at no additional cost, giving us a significant competitive advantage over those who are charging their customers for these extra services”, said CEO Waasy Boddison.

Beyond the content, American Plating Powers' new website sports new aesthetics, inlcuding integration of the company's signature colors--orange and blue--as well as flash animation on the home page.

Visit American Plating Power online today or call (239) 275-5877 for more information.