SIFCO ASC has been acquired by The Norman Hay Group, a global chemicals, sealant, surface coatings and engineering specialist. The acquisition of SIFCO ASC from SIFCO Industries of Cleveland, Ohio, includes SIFCO ASC LLC (USA), SIFCO ASC UK, SIFCO ASC France and SIFCO ASC Sweden.

“This is an excellent acquisition for us and fits into our strategic plan to expand the Norman Hay Group internationally into areas that have a clear synergy with our existing businesses,” said Vic Bellanti, CEO of Norman Hay plc. “The SIFCO-ASC business will benefit greatly from our Surface Technology contacts and locations both in the UK and overseas, and we are excited about opportunities that we have already identified for its future growth”

Peter Hay, chairman of Norman Hay plc, added: “I am delighted to welcome all the staff, agents and distributors of SIFCO-ASC into the Norman Hay Group. We will work hard with our new colleagues to develop further the outstanding brand and reputation that SIFCO-ASC has built up over the years into new countries and locations where our group is already located.”

Rick Wilson, co-general manager and director of sales and marketing for the ASC Group, said the move ensures SIFCO ASC will continue being the global leader in the selective plating industry for many years to come.
“This is a very exciting time for SIFCO ASC,” Wilson said. “By joining the Norman Hay Group, we see great opportunities to better serve our existing customers, while at the same time expand our product offering and worldwide coverage to meet the industries ever-changing needs. “

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

SIFCO ASC is a world renowned manufacturer and supplier of process equipment and associated chemicals for selective electroplating and anodizing. It also has its own subcontract process operations across the USA and Europe. The SIFCO ASC Group has approximately 80 employees based in four locations in the USA (Ohio, Texas, Connecticut and Virginia) and four in Europe (UK, Sweden and two locations in France). They also have a number of licensed job shops, agents and distributors worldwide.

About Norman Hay plc
The Norman Hay plc group is a global chemicals, sealant, surface coatings and engineering specialist with more than 60 years of trading history. Headquartered in Coventry, UK, the Norman Hay Group has three main subsidiaries: “Ultraseal” – impregnation sealants; “Surface Technology” – providing surface coatings under the Armourcote brand; and “NHE” – producing bespoke process plant & equipment.