Headquartered in Camarillo, Calif., and launched in September 2008, Optimum Anode Technologies is a business affiliate of Titan Metal Fabricators, a leading supplier of titanium and other exotic metal fabrication. According to Mark Geusic, founder and president, Optimum Anode Technologies, it combines the highly regarded reputation and manufacturing know-how of Titan Metal Fabricators with the substantial anode technology experience and manufacturing and marketing expertise of Optimum Anode Technologies’ management and technical staff. The firm prides itself on the ability to manufacture cost-effective, dimensionally stable anode coatings that meet or exceed customer needs in a wide variety of industries.

Precious Metal Coatings That Last

OptimumOxides from Optimum Anode Technologies is a series of precious metal oxides whose primary coating may be ruthenium, iridium, platinum, or palladium. “The primary precious metal oxide can be combined with other precious metals and/or other valve or base metal oxides to produce a mixed metal oxide coating that makes an electrochemical catalyst that is highly efficient, robust, and able to provide many years of uninterrupted service,” Geusic said.

The OptimumOxides series includes:

  • IROxide coatings, whose primary precious metal, iridium, is converted to oxide for the energy-efficient production of oxygen. Depending on the environment and the customer’s specific requirements, the iridium can be combined with other precious metal and/or base metal oxides to produce the optimum electrochemical catalyst for specific process conditions and desired performance and product results. Applications include: electrolytic recovery, cathodic protection, electrophoresis, electrosynthesis of organic and inorganic compounds, electrodionization, electrogalvanizing, and more.
  • ChlorOxide coatings—a series of ruthenium-based mixed metal oxide products for coating electrochemically produced chlorine, chlorate, and sodium hypochlorate. Applications include: seawater and brine electrochlorination, cathodic production, electrolytic production of sodium chlorate and sodium chlorite, swimming pool electrochlorinators, and membrane, mercury and diaphragm chlor alkali cells. Both IROxide and ChlorOxide coatings are typically applied to a titanium substrate via a controlled thermal deposition process specific to the formulation being applied.

Pure Platinum Coating–Plus

PurePlat from Optimum Anode Technologies, as its name suggests, is a pure (99.95% pure) platinum coating that may be applied to titanium, niobium, tantalum, and other exotic substrates.

“The major advantage of PurePlat is its electrodeposited or clad-coated substrate, which is more cost-effective than, and mechanically superior to, pure platinum structures,” Geusic claims. A second advantage is the ability of PurePlat to provide optimum performance by varying the surface morphology to create an application and process-specific electrochemical characteristic. Applications include: precious metal plating, electrolytic recovery, cathodic protection, electorphoresis, electrochlorination, electrosynthesis of organic and inorganic compounds, electrodialysis, electrodionization, electrochemical oxidation and/or reduction, and more.