Osborn, a leading supplier of surface treatment solutions and high-quality finishing tools for hundreds of industrial and commercial applications, has unveiled a new brand identity and platform. The rebranding initiative—which makes its debut at the Industrial Supply Association Product Showcase and Conference in San Antonio—establishes a tagline for the 125-year-old company: “Finish. First.” The tagline is intended to solidify Osborn’s role as the world’s “most complete finishing solution specialist.”

The rebranding, which includes an updated logo, comes on the heels of decades of organic growth and acquisitions that left Osborn with a mix of brand names, logos and messages. Under the new initiative, Osborn is established as the global corporate brand, with Lippert-Unipol, JacksonLea and other names now serving as product lines. Through a gradual transition process, certain brands will be phased out or migrated.

“The new Osborn identity and platform accomplishes our goal of uniting the collective strengths of our brands while simplifying who we are to our customers, the industry and our employees – wherever they may be in the world,” said Dr. Florestan von Boxberg, president of Jason Finishing Group, the unit of Jason Incorporated to which Osborn belongs. “While our results have long spoken for themselves, we’re pleased to now have the proper brand architecture in place to back up the excellence and dedication present at all levels of the Osborn organization.”

Osborn—much like all Jason companies—employs the Jason Business System (JBS), a collaborative manufacturing strategy that outlines business principles and processes to ensure best-in-class results and collective strength. Among the pillars of JBS is Revenue Growth, which specifies a global, customer-centric approach to marketing.

“Jason companies are adept at thinking in terms of customer needs and solutions and, thus, our marketing efforts should support our role as a solutions provider,” said David Westgate, chairman, president and CEO of Jason Incorporated. “The new Osborn brand successfully does that while also presenting a unified global front. This effort makes it far easier to market the full gamut of Osborn products and solutions, thereby positioning the company well for strong organic growth.”

For more information about Osborn, please visit www.osborn.com.