Oxford Instrument's new X-Strata920 X-ray fluorescence analyser for coating thickness measurement and materials analysis.
Oxford Instrument's new X-Strata920 X-ray fluorescence analyser for coating thickness measurement and materials analysis.

Oxford Instruments is pleased to announce the new X-Strata920 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer for coating thickness measurement and materials analysis. It combines a large area proportional detector and Oxford Instruments’ micro-focus X-ray tube, providing a high-intensity, small spot X-ray beam for superior sample excitation. According to Oxford Instruments, this combination guarantees the best accuracy in its class, with analysis results obtained in seconds to ensure better process control and cost efficiency.

The new X-Strata920 XRF analyzer can be used for a variety of applications--whether analyzing solder alloys as part of an overall quality control process; assaying gold jewellery for valuation; or measuring plating thickness in component manufacture. X-Strata920 performs excellent analysis and characterisation of multi-layer analysis across a wide range of industrial markets, including electronics, metal finishing, alloys and precious metals assay.

For these industries, the X-Strata920 offers a number of benefits:

  • Increase productivity with better process control
  • Minimize production cost of the plating process and maximize production output
  • Rapid, non-destructive analysis of jewellery and other alloys
  • Rapid analysis of up to 4 coating layers
  • Field-proven technology and better reliability ensuring value for money year after year
  • Easy to use, with minimal user training required


The X-Strata920 is designed with ease of use, accuracy and value for money in mind. A large sample area can be analyzed in one measurement cycle using the X-Strata’s multi-point analysis function. If a problem area is identified the operator can return to specific points with pin point accuracy for detailed investigation. With the analyser’s embedded camera and live video imaging, precise sample placement is assured. The X-Strata920 even allows unattended operation to ensure minimal downtimes of your production process.

The X-Strata920 comes with a choice of calibration packages tailored for a wide range of materials screening applications; the analyzer is supplied with more tore than 800 pre-loaded, easy-to-select application parameters/methods. To build consumer confidence the X-Strata920 meets international test methods such as ASTM B568 and ISO 3497.

With its advanced security and safety features, the X-Strata920 provides a simple user interface for the routine operator while assuring manager-level access for system set up and preventing unauthorised use through its auto-lock function. In addition, the improved reporting function allows seamless export to Excel within seconds and export in custom reports, including statistical data analysis and sampling images.

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