Plasmatreat’s open house activities will include presentations related to the latest developments in the field of atmospheric plasma surface treatment. The newest generation of in-line Plasmatreat equipment will be demonstrated and product samples will be on display.

The large, 5,000-square-foot R&D laboratory is specially fitted out for process applications. Specifically, it is equipped with various Openair® plasma installations, industrial robot systems and facilities for carrying out tests in adhesive bonding, printing and coating processes. The new laboratory is not only designed to demonstrate the Openair® plasma jet systems, but it is also equipped to carry out general trials and test series.

The new Plasmatreat facility is located in Elgin, Ill., situated in the heart of Chicago’s high-technology corridor. The facility will be operated by Nickolas P. Rollick, Plasmatreat’s vice president of sales; and business development managers Jeff Leighty and Luke Diana.


Plasmatreat is a global market leader in atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment technology using plasma jet systems to improve bonding of paints, coatings, inks and adhesives, especially on hard-to-bond materials. The internationally patented Openair® plasma technique is characterized by a three-fold process: activation of surfaces by selective oxidation processes; discharge of static potential; and microfine cleaning of material surfaces. The same technology, with the addition of a precursor gas, can selectively apply coatings to approve adhesion and corrosion resistance. This new plasma polymerization process works without any cost-intensive vacuum chamber, but under normal air conditions.