The U.S. Powder Coating Institute (PCI) has nominated three individuals to join its Hall of Fame.

Each has served the association for many years and was nominated by industry peers due to their efforts, accomplishments and contributions to PCI and the industry, the Institute said. The nominees are also required to be retired or have a minimum of 15 years in the industry.

This year, the nominations are are Greg Bocchi, Tim O’Brien and Don Tyler. Greg Bocchi was executive director of PCI for 24 years. Greg managed PCI through the early years and saw the growth of its programs, trade show, benefits and the industry at large. His plans and execution have resulted in the meteoric growth of the organization from 1984 through 2008.

Tim O'Brien has served PCI for 35 years as legal counsel. His involvement and dedication began with PCI’s inception and has reportedly spanned across many Boards of Directors and initiatives.

Don Tyler, who recently passed away on 11 December, was a member of the founding PCI Board of Directors and served for many years and worked on various committees. First as a formulator and then later, as general manager of Volstatic, Don’s contributions to the application equipment industry helped further the growth of powder coatings, PCI noted.

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