Complementary synergies drove the two companies to form a partnership: Process Automation International Ltd. (PAL), with its extensive worldwide network, brings more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality electroplating equipment, while Elsyca, an innovator in its own right, is regarded as a top-notch supplier of plating feasibility services, intelligent optimization services, and tooling solutions for all types of electrochemical processes.

“Elsyca’s core is a unique state-of-the-art electrochemical simulation platform, combined with expert electrochemical knowledge and experience,” said Luc Wanten, CEO of Elsyca. “Our technology provides a virtual plating plant, enabling the process and tooling design to be cost-effectively tailored to each manufacturer’s specific requirements. Our process optimization services have lead to substantially reducing costs and meeting most extreme product quality specs.”

Tony Evans, vice president of PAL and general manager of its surface finishing business, concurs. “The new relationship with Elsyca will enable PAL to provide a total solution for our existing and new customers,” he explained. “Not only will PAL obtain increased exposure by including unique feasibility and optimization services into our new plating line offerings, but we will also have the unique ability to assist existing customers in optimizing their plating line to deliver perfectly plated components at minimal cost. Finally, Elsyca’s electrochemical intelligence will definitely be of major value for our plating line design.”

PAL Surface Treatment Systems, Ltd., is a member of the PAL group of companies, boasting more than 1,600 installed systems around the globe. Elsyca has followed a steady growth path since its founding in 1997. Over the years it has built up an impressive expertise in electrochemical process, cell and tooling design, and optimization with a proven track record at large international companies in the electronics, surface finishing, and corrosion protection industries.