Jack Berg, Owner, CEO, & COB of Service Filtration Corporation, or SERFILCO, has announced the following changes to his corporate officer staff, effective September 16, 2011:

Silvio Pioli, the current general manager/COO of Baron-Blakeslee SFC, Inc. (Williamstown, W.V.) will replace Jack Berg as CEO of Service Filtration Corporation. Mr. Berg will remain as chairman of the board. As CEO, Mr. Pioli will be responsible for the entire SFC enterprise, including SERFILCO LTD., R.P. Adams, Inc., Polymar,Inc., Service Filtration of Canada, Ltd. SERFILCO International, Ltd. Pacer Pump, Inc., Baron-Blakeslee SFC, Inc., and the Filterspun Division. As CEO, he will report to the chairman. 

Michael Berg, current general manager of SERFILCO LTD., will be promoted to president, Service Filtration Corporation. He will be responsible for the general management of all SFC companies. As president, he will report to the CEO.

James Berg will assume the responsibilities of Chief Financial Officer of Service Filtration Corporation. In this capacity, he will be responsible for all financial and accounting services to the corporation. The CFO will report to the CEO.

For more information, please visit www.serfilco.com.