SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts has developed a process for repairing damage to complex molds using its selective plating technology. Rather than taking the mold out of production, the SIFCO process can be used on the production floor. Specializing in emergency repairs, this cost-effective process significantly reduces downtime and set-up costs. Bob Burfield, SIFCO’s market manager, explains that for more than 50 years SIFCO has applied its plating expertise in many industries and has fine-tuned the process to repair molds on-site.

With seven worldwide locations, our factory trained technicians can arrive on site with all of the equipment and supplies necessary to effectively bring a mold back into spec. Burfield says that our customers are finding this to be an ideal answer for time-sensitive repairs.

For more information, contact Bob Burfield at (330) 581-9713 or visit SIFCO's website.