Sirius Technology, founded in 1991, is a global market and technology leader in electroless nickel coatings. Taskem, Inc., a long-time technical partner with Coventya, has more than 40 years of expertise in the supply of surface finishing chemistry. The combination of these two market leaders creates the fourth-largest general metal finishing supplier in North America.

According to the parties, the merger will bring about many valuable benefits and opportunities to both customers and employees. Customers will experience a variety of new market opportunities via Coventya’s access to multiple Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs. In addition, product lines have been broadened significantly, providing more choices and new technology for plating and surface finishing needs. Technical support will also expand and improve further (both tank side and bench top), along with the ability to draw upon the global Coventya technology group.

Sirius Technology and Taskem will continue to operate from their respective facilities in Oriskany, N.Y., and Cleveland, Ohio. The new company will be led by an executive team comprising Dr. Alan Ruffini, Matthew Sisti, and Erik Weyls.