The Society of Vacuum Coaters’ Top Con conference will discuss existing and potential applications of advanced coating technologies for high volume and demanding applications in various industries. It will also offer a unique forum for discussing these subjects from both fundamental and industrial perspectives.  Particular emphasis will be given to alternative technologies that are designed to replace wet chemical methods. 

Some examples of high-volume coatings for industrial applications are:
  • Automotive—engine and turbo charger bearings, piston rings, transmission components, forward and rear lighting, wheels, trim
  • Aerospace—engine compressor blades, coated high strength steel, abrasion protection on plastics, trim, lighting, electronic shielding, aluminum coated fasteners
  • Energy/Military—tubes and pipes with interior and exterior coatings
  • Consumer Products—white goods, lighting, cosmetics, electronics
  • Raw Stock—zinc alloys, aluminum and nickel on continuous metal strip
Registration and programming information for TopCon, which is co-sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., is available online.