SurTec International GmbH, a division of Freudenberg Chemical Specialties Group, has acquired all shares of CST-SurTec,Inc., effective April 1, 2013. The new name of the subsidiary will be SurTec, Inc.

Ray Charles Lindemann, CEO of CST- SurTec, Inc., will leave the operation by the end of June in order to take on new business challenges outside of SurTec. The business and operation of the SurTec North American subsidiary will be taken over by Carlos Chaves, managing director, together with Jim Meyers-CEF-2 and Fernando Carminholi.

Chaves, formerly technical manager of SurTec do Brazil, has worked within the SurTec International Group for the past 13 years. Specifically, he has been involved with research and development efforts, and he also served as marketing manager for SurTec in South America. All totaled, Chavez brings 24 years of experience in the surface finishing industry.

SurTec, Inc., is already investing in the establishment of a branch in the Charlotte, N.C., area in support of its ongoing activities in the North American market. This investment will entail additional sales representatives and technical services.