At the center of the newly announced cooperative marketing and distribution agreement between Technic, Inc., and Circuit Automation, Inc. is the DP-1500-FL double-sided, flexible coverlay screen printer. The DP1500-FL is an industry first, semi-automatic, vertical double-sided screen printer specifically designed for liquid photoimageble coverlay coating application on flexible circuit panels.

The DP1500-FL was developed under a cooperative relationship between Circuit Automation and Technic. Under the marketing agreement, Technic will have the rights to supply this equipment, together with its industry-leading LCL 1000 F liquid coverlay material.  The LCL 1000 F liquid coverlay material has been designed specifically for the DP 1500-FL and has capability for selective screening with block patterning as well as full surface screening.

Technic and Circuit Automation are also pleased to announce that the first DP 1500-FL has been sold by Technic to a large, global PWB fabricator in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, and production will commence shortly with the LCL 1000 F material.

“We are very pleased to be working with Circuit Automation on next generation technology for the flexible circuit industry,” said Tom Horigome, director, imaging materials, Technic, Inc. “As a market leader in double-sided screen printing, with more than 400 units sold globally, Circuit Automation brings valuable technology to the changing landscape of flexible circuit panel production.”

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