With Uyemura USA’s appointment of Chemithon Surface Finishing, Inc. as a product line representative, Uyemura has greatly expanded its representation in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, Chemithon Surface Finishing, Inc. will represent the complete Uyemura product line in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and the Province of British Columbia.

Chemithon Enterprises was founded in 1954 at Seattle, Wash., followed by the formation of Chemithon Surface Finishing in 1972. Soon thereafter Chemithon Surface Finishing quickly became the largest regional distributor of surface finishing products in the Pacific Northwest.

According to President Jerry Toussaint, Chemithon’s interests in Uyemura included its new CL-NC copper for plating directly over zinc and aluminum die casts, and its Nickstar decorative black nickel process.

“We think CL-NC represents a huge step forward for companies that are environmentally aware and want an alternative to cyanide copper processing,” Toussaint explained.” In regard to black nickel, he adds, “we have seen customers who use other black nickel processes have iridescence and other issues. Uyemura’s Nickstar is a better chemistry, is extremely consistent, and it has a wider current density range.”

The Chemithon philosophy is to provide manufacturers with maximum value. “We think the Uyemura product line will allow us to do that in ways that will save them steps and help them meet ‘green’ initiatives, which are so common now,” Toussaint added.

In addition to Uyemura’s broad line of plating chemistries, Chemithon provides equipment and services ranging from supplies for chemical additions, to monitoring systems, to comprehensive design, fabrication and installation of computerized plating facilities.

For more information, contact:

Uyemura USA, 240 Town Line Road • Southington, CT 06489 • (860) 793-4011 (860) 793-4011 sales@uyemura.com

Chemithon Enterprises, Inc 5430 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106-1517
(206) 937-9954 jerry.toussaint@chemithon.com