VRSim's "virtual" spray painting training system was on display at COATING 2012.
VRSim's "virtual" spray painting training system was on display at COATING 2012.

VRSim, a company specializing in virtual reality training systems, has added new feature updates to SimSpray and SimSpray Industrial. New parts, an enhanced user interface and an improved scoring and feedback system are now available and will be provided to current customers after Oct. 1, 2012.

“We are excited to see these new features in action,” said Matthew Wallace, CEO & President of VRSim. “We made the system easier to use while keeping it just as engaging.”

SimSpray’s new features include new practice parts include: a car bumper and motorcycle fender; for industrial customers, a backhoe bucket and half barrel; an enhanced user interface that is now easier to navigate so users can move more freely between pages; and an improved scoring system with more accurate calculations and better graphs.

SimSpray, which was featured at the recent 2012 COATING Show in St. Louis, Mo., is a stand-alone mobile training appliance for spray painting and coating. It is a turnkey system that is portable and effective for classroom use. A core component of SimSpray is a complex feedback mechanism that helps in teaching basic skills. The system allows trainees to do more repetitions in less time without the added costs of materials, consumables, and waste disposal fees. By eliminating prep and cleanup time a student can complete in 10 minutes an exercise that will take over two hours using traditional methods.

For more information, please contact VRSim, Inc. at www.vrsim.net