[East Troy, Wis.] The East Troy Village Board recently granted approval for Wisconsin Oven Corporation to proceed with its construction of a nearly 29,000-square-foot addition to its Young Street facility. The current building expansion will be an impressive 120’W x 240’L x 50’H, with two 20-ton cranes and two 10-ton cranes to accommodate large equipment orders.

Wisconsin Oven plans to have the expansion complete and ready for manufacturing by April 2014.

The approval comes as Wisconsin Oven celebrates its 40th Anniversary. The company was founded by Henry Kubicki on Nov, 16, 1973, at 2027 Young Street, East Troy, Wis. The first order taken was from an OEM customer, Systemation, and was destined for Canada.

Mr. Kubicki ran the company for 30 years before tragically passing away in March of 2003. He developed a business model in which the employees and management purchased shares, and upon his passing the company became employee owned. Since 2003, Wisconsin Oven has overcome former shareholder debt and accomplished record growth. In 10 years, Wisconsin Oven has doubled its revenue and shipments. The company continues to expand its markets and global reach by relying on home-grown East Troy and Southeastern Wisconsin talent.

Dave Strand, Wisconsin Oven president and CEO -- and a 27-year veteran of the company -- credits its success to a “Culture of Champions.” Wisconsi Oven's mission statement, in part, reads: “In business there are only a few ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. It is your people that can create the real difference, who can create the WOW experience." 

Wisconsin Oven produces custom and standard industrial ovens used for a multitude of applications, including heat treating, finishing, drying and curing. For more information, please viist Wisconsin Oven online or call (262) 642-3938.