About Indian Structural Steel Conference:

This international conference, organized by the Structural Steel Research Group, Department of Civil Engineering of IIT Hyderabad is the First Conference focussed on Structural Steel and its applications to be held from March 25-27, 2020 in Hyderabad. This ISSC 2020 conference is happening with an association of ASCE India Section and Springer Publications. 

It will be of interest to steel and aluminium structure designers and manufacturers, trade associations, design engineers, steel fabricators, architects, owners or developers of steel and aluminium structures, researchers, academics and post-graduate students. 

Aim and Scope of the ISSC

Steel Structures is a fairly vast field covering different constructional engineering branches and various materials used in combination of steel to provide a composite system. The applications of Structural Steel encompasses various industries including construction, automotive, aerospace, and marine. However, the development of novel structural materials and technologies, together with the computational tools and design specifications, are necessary for continuous advancement in the use of Structural Steel in numerous areas.  In addition, the role of the construction engineer is also to maintain the existing structures for the desired load and purpose, therefore there is also a need for new retrofitting techniques using sustainable materials. 

Hence, this ISSC 2020 conference aims at providing a forum where researchers, designers and construction engineers, structural steel manufacturing engineers and consultants, having explicit backgrounds but encountering similar challenges, joining together, in a friendly environment, to discuss and disseminate the most recent advances in the analysis, behavior, design, and construction of structural steel.  Thus, you are cordially invited to participate in the ISSC 2020 conference to be held at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, INDIA. 


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