One thing is for certain, increased functionality, the integration of future esystems and the growing expectations of the driver for advanced quality and comfort are presenting a heap of challenges for automotive seating engineers across the production process – from design all the way through to trim. Whilst ‘Wrinkle Free’ seems to be the benchmark, the quality of material selection, structures and mechanisms, padding, foam and trim are all too often compromised to achieve the lightest weight in effort to achieve best cost-effective value optimisation. The ‘right material in the right place, in the right quantity’ not only requires further optimisation of the developments and achievements of lightweight design, but also further developments of materials and improving multi-material integration of new materials and technologies – mindful of also advanced targeted recycling.

To address and tackle these issues, as well as further topics, the global network of automotive seating engineers is coming together to form the Automotive Seating Alliance – tasked with accelerating the adoption and industrialising advances seating technologies, with a cost-saving, light weighting directive. Lightweight Seating Materials & Technology congress will be taking place in Detroit on, March 11th & 12th 2020 for a full day of interactive knowledge sharing and benchmarking through a series of technical workshops.

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