The Alcor 5 Ply and 7 Ply stainless steel clad aluminium.
The Alcor 5 Ply and 7 Ply stainless steel clad aluminium.

Improvements at the plan include a new clad metal rolling mill and a new main rolling mill motor with increased horsepower and higher torque rating which can achieve more precise rolling and bonding.

Ametek has also installed advanced rolling mill controls to achieve better mill speed accuracy and replaced obsolete equipment with advanced, energy-efficient products. It has upgraded prebond surface preparation equipment to achieve improved bond quality prior to rolling. This helps reduce surface imperfections in the upgraded process manufacturing line. There are also advanced robotic clad material processing capabilities.  

Ametek says that these improvements help it meet the demand for rolled clad metals for the luxury cookware and consumer appliance cooktop market.

Among the products made by Ametek at its Eighty Four plant is ALCOR 7-Ply stainless steel clad aluminum. This material, which combines the durability and appearance of T-304 stainless steel with the magnetic characteristics of ferritic steel, is suitable for high-performance induction cookware.

ALCOR 7-Ply is formed using a proprietary roll bonding and thermal treatment process that produces a strong metallurgical bond.  Its benefits include corrosion resistance, higher fabrication yields for cookware manufacturers, lower processing rejects, high strength and high induction rate. 

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