Angstron Materials Inc, the world’s largest producer of graphene, including powder materials, plans to ramp up its production of graphene from 300 metric tons a year to 1000 metric tons a year in 2016.

‘Inability to source commercial scale quantities of graphene has historically hampered the growth and implementation of graphene-enabled and graphene-enhanced applications such as next-generation energy technologies, composites, water treatment, and corrosion protection,’ said Dr. Bor Jang, CEO and co-founder of Angstron Materials. ‘Increased production means we can bring market costs down too, giving companies previously priced out of the graphene market access to the material’s unique performance advantages.’

The company also plans to license its graphene production processes to select partners worldwide.

‘By partnering with other companies, we are dramatically increasing the availability and knowledge base of this new class of material,’ said Ian Fuller, vice president for business development and engineering at Angstron. ‘The applications of graphene are too large and varied for any one company to address alone. By opening fundamental intellectual property to global players, the graphene industrial ecosystem will multiply and allow commercialization to flourish.’

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