They received the award during PowderMet, which took place at Nashville, Tennessee, USA, from 10-13 June 2012.

Donaldson is an expert in materials with a strong engineering background. He has over 30 years of PM experience and has established an international reputation in the field of powder metallurgy. He has been involved in research, process and product development, design, manufacturing and production, education/teaching, and other technical advancements programmes. He has been a member of APMI International for 25 years a current member of the APMI Board of Directors and a judge for the annual APMI metallography competition. He was a co-author recipient of the 2010 Howard I. Sanderow Outstanding Technical Paper Award and received the MPIF Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy Award in 2011.

Dornish has spent nearly 55 years in the PM industry and has touched upon nearly every facet of PM: manufacturing, engineering, tool design, plant start-ups, sales and marketing, and education. In 1968 he developed a formal PM education program at Hennepin Technical College, Minnesota, and served as an instructor and the program's director until 1985. Dornish remains active in the PM arena as a consultant with Northern Precision Materials. He conducts formal PM training classes through the Community Education facility in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, and has participated in many workshops and seminars. His credits include a patent for bronze-lined bearings and the MPIF Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy Award, which he received in 2001.