The results show that the company had record sales of US$28.7 million, compared to US$23.7 million in the same quarter of last year, and record gross profit of US$7.0 million, compared to US$5.8 million.

Revenue of US$28.7 million exceeded all previous company quarterly results, reflecting an increase of 56.0 percent compared to the prior year period, ARC Group said. 

"In fiscal 2012, annual revenue for the company was US$30 million,” said Jason Young, chairman and CEO. “Two years later, quarterly revenue is now approaching what we previously achieved on an annual basis. More importantly, we have assembled world-class advanced manufacturing capabilities to sell an enterprise-level product offering, as opposed to the single-solution capability of years past. While our sales cycles are 9-12 months, early signs of our cross-selling efforts have resonated well with our customers."