The year-over-year increase was largely the result of acquisitions completed during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2014. 

Gross profit for the period was US$6.4 million, an increase of 0.9% compared to the prior year period.  

According to the company, weakness in the firearms industry offset metal injection molding (MIM) revenue gains in other sectors, as well as record quarterly revenue at Tekna Seal and robust sales growth at 3D Material Technologies and Kecy.  

However, recent indications from firearm customers, defense industry conferences, and other sector metrics, including FBI background checks, have suggested the firearm market has begun to stabilize and is poised for a potential rebound, ARC Group said.

Transitional phase

‘ARC remains in a transitional phase following our acquisitive prior fiscal year, and while we have faced modest short term weakness due to the slowdown in the firearms market, we remain optimistic about the long term prospects of our approach to advanced manufacturing through the strategic combination of additive and subtractive processes,” said Jason Young, chairman and CEO.  ‘In the short run, some of our efforts require investment and productivity improvements, but long-term we believe we are developing proprietary technology that will give our customers innovative and compelling advantages.’