Over the past 25 years ARC has established itself as a supplier of recycled ferrous based metal powders and premixes and dry magnetic inspection powders for the non-destructive testing sector.

ARC Metals was originally founded in Ridgway in 1987 to service the growing number of local PM part producers re-milling waste ferrous PM materials into a repusable powder product. The re-milled powders could be dedicated to one particular ferrous PM grade from a specific producer and supplied back as a press-ready iron powder. The powder could alternatively be blended to a formulation acceptable for specific MPIF grades and sold back to the local PM market.

In 1997, ARC Metals was acquired by Hoeganaes Corporation and now the company also provides LTL blending services for Hoeganaes Corporation and its customers.

The product lines provided by ARC Metals today include over ten different MPIF grades of re-milled iron, reprocessing of customer product, new powder premixes, virgin iron, additive sales, bronze powders, combination new/re-milled blends.