The contract is with Trianel, a German urban electric utilities association. Under the terms of the agreement, Areva  will provide commissioning, testing and maintenance services, but not foundations, transport and erection offshore.

Operations are scheduled to start at the end of 2012, and once completed, the turbines will generate a total output of 200 MW.
 Borkum West II is the biggest wind-energy project in the German North Sea. It is situated 45 km off the northern coast of the island of Borkum and is directly adjacent to Alpha Ventus, Germany's pilot offshore wind farm which has six of Areva  wind turbines.
“Areva is thrilled to have jointly developed an efficient offshore solution with Trianel,” said Anil Srivastava, CEO of Areva  Renewables. “We look forward to the successful deployment of our state-of-the-art offshore wind turbines with long-term services essential for the wind farm’s management.”