ASTM WK35463, Specification for Thin-Gauge Fully Processed Non-Oriented Electrical Steel, is currently being developed by Subcommittee A06.02 on Material Specifications, part of ASTM International Committee A06 on Magnetic Properties (pdf). A06 develops and maintains standards covering the grades, properties and test methods of magnetic materials that are used in almost every type of electromagnetic system, from motors and generators to transformers, solenoids and many different types of sensors. The proposed standard will govern a class of very thin silicon-iron electrical steel not previously covered by an ASTM standard.  

Steve Sprague, sales manager, Proto Laminations Inc, and technical contact for the A06.02 work group developing ASTM WK35463, says that, once approved, the proposed standard will both standardise existing material designations that are currently based on commercial trade names, and will also give users confidence in new designs and innovations by offering a standard material designation that can be relied on to provide consistent material properties.
“Currently, anyone interested in using this class of material must either rely on published information from producers or perform their own internal tests to establish and verify the properties of this class of steels,” Sprague said. “With an ASTM standard in place, manufacturers of these steels and users interested in specifying them in their designs will have a point of common understanding, terminology and communication regarding the properties of these steels and will be able to effect quicker design solutions and better manage manufacturing and supply chain challenges.”