Potts was honoured for his service as a Committee B02 member since 1992 and his contributions as chairman of both the main committee and the Long-Range Planning Subcommittee (B02.94). He has worked on the development of several new ASTM standards within Subcommittee B02.04 on Zinc and Cadmium during his tenure. An ASTM fellow who received the Award of Merit in 2011, Potts also serves on Committees A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys, B07 on Light Metals and Alloys and F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Before joining ExOne in 2011, he was CEO, CFO, president and shop superintendent of Village Castings Inc, a custom foundry that produced aluminium alloy castings, zinc alloy castings and iron castings, which he founded in 2002.