Established in 1944, Committee B09 is currently responsible for sixty powder metallurgy standards that are published in Volume 02.05 of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. B09 membership of close to 100 is drawn from metal powder producing and user companies, as well as academia and government departments.
Sub-committees of B09 are responsible for developing and maintaining standards in specific sectors, including base metal powders, refractory meta powders, PM structural parts and bearings, cemented carbides (hardmetals), and near-full-density PM materials made by cold- and hot-isostatic pressing, metal injection moulding, or powder-forging. Other sub-committees deal with terminology and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO Committee TC119 on Powder Metallurgy.
ASTM International is one of the largest standards development organisations in the world. ASTM standards are voluntary consensus documents developed by technical experts who are its members. ASTM standards cover more than 100 industrial and management sectors, ranging from costruction materials and environmental assessment to medical devices and consumer products. 145 nations are represented among ASTM International membership of 30,000 individuals and institutions.
Contact: ASTM Staff Manager for Committee B09 is Katerina Koperna.
Tel: +1 610 832 9728