Atlas Pressed Metals says that its materials testing lab has received a certificate demonstrating proficiency in performing various test methods outlined in the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) material standard as part of the Test Method Assurance Program. 

The MPIF manages the distribution of the samples and the evaluation of a series of metallurgical lab tests, designed to qualify the proficiency of lab personnel and equipment within the powdered metal industry, Atlas says. The company participates in the sintered density, apparent hardness, transverse rupture strength, micro indentation hardness, and total carbon content portion of the program. 

Each company is given a summary report containing the statistical summary with a data table and graphical representation for each test method and the results are benchmarked against other participating companies.

‘I enjoy the advantages of participating in the TMAP program because we can compare our lab measurement capabilities with other companies in the powder metal industry,’ said Christina Mahlon, materials engineering technician at Atlas. ‘We are proud to meet this achievement each year.’

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