The results include revenues of US$42.3 million in 2012 and US$12.4 million in Q4/12, and a 39% increase in GAAP net profit in 2012 to US$3.7 million. By comparison, in 2011 full-year revenues were US$40.7 million and Q4 2011 revenues were US$12.2 million.

"We are excited to report a record fourth quarter, rounding out the best year in Cimatron's history,” said Danny Haran, president and CEO of Cimatron. “We continue to see strong demand for our products, as well as robust growth in maintenance revenues from existing and new customers."  

On a constant currency basis, in 2012, Cimatron's revenues grew by 7%. According to Haran, the company achieved these strong results despite a delay in some US-based projects towards the end of the fourth quarter.

Cimatron is currently exploring new opportunities in the field of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing. Over the last few years, some of Cimatron's customers and business partners have increasingly started to use and apply this emerging technology to their manufacturing processes. To that end, the company is researching ways in which it can better serve its customers and partners in this exciting new way of manufacturing.

"At this point, Cimatron has no revenues from additive manufacturing," Haran noted. "Yet, we believe that additive and hybrid manufacturing have great potential to emerge in many directions, and that our knowledge and vast expertise in 3D modelling and manufacturing will allow us to take part in this field, as it becomes more and more commonly used, side by side with traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques."