by Liz Nickels

The availability of high-performance coatings has changed the internal specification patterns of certain industries such as cutting tool inserts, says the report, which has been newly updated. The useful life of coated inserts is many times longer than the life of uncoated inserts. This, in turn, has reduced the cost of cutting tool inserts and at the same time increased productivity.

Similarly, use of ceramic coated components for aircraft turbine engines has resulted in construction of large aircraft. Currently, auto enthusiasts are coating certain components to improve auto engine performance, while ceramic coatings have made it possible for certain large machine components to be repaired in situ.

High-Performance Ceramic Coatings: Markets and Technologies from BCC Research covers ceramic coatings delivered by thermal spray, physical vapour deposition (PVD), chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and other techniques, including spraying/dipping, sol gel, micro-oxidation, packed diffusion, ionic beam surface treatment and laser-assisted techniques.