The MPIF is hosting a new webinar entitled ‘Thriving out of Crisis’ for its members.

The webinar will be presented Shawn Rhodes, a strategy advisor at Shoshin Consulting.

‘As Covid-19 and its effects rocks our performance capabilities, productivity, profitability and labor pool, the metal powder industry finds itself in unprecedented times, the MPIF said. ‘Shawn Rhodes made it his life's work to study teams who found ways to survive – and even thrive – in the most challenging and dangerous environments on the planet. We've asked him to specifically share what the highest performing teams can share with our members so we can thrive instead of just survive in the uncertain times we live in today.

The topics covered in the event will includes recapturing lost profitability in companies, planning for an uncertain workforce composition while not sacrificing performance, and mapping contingency and continuity plans.  

The registration deadline is 15 September and the event takes place on the 16.

To register, go here.

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