Dr. Michael Krehl has resigned from his position as chairman of the management board and CEO at PMG Holding GmbH due to different opinions on group strategy.

Vermögensverwaltung Erben Dr. Karl Goldschmidt, PMG’s mother corporation, is reportedly still very interested in Dr. Krehl’s expertise and knowledge and has asked him to sign on as an advisor.

 Dr. Krehl has worked for nearly 20 years for the PMG group, advancing its global footprint and initiating the development of new products.

He will be succeeded by Ulrich Mehlmann (57) who has a long track-record in the automotive supply industry. He has worked for Delphi Inc, TRW Automotive Inc, TENNECO Inc and most recently for Neumayer Tekfor GmbH, now part of the Amtek Group, both internationally and in Germany.

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