By Kari Williamson

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), says rare earth commodity prices have risen sharply since China took actions to control its supply, which represents more than 90% of global demand, in 2010.

Jeff Green, an advocate for the rare earth industry in the US, says: “While this is encouraging news for downstream consumers of rare earth elements, this is just the first step of a very long process..

“As the WTO case progresses, the off-shoring of industry and technology will continue and the US will need a secure supply of rare earths to protect its economic and national security interests. This must be addressed through the establishment of a truly domestic or allied nation supply chain."

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, CEA, adds: “If China wants to be a world player in trade, it needs to behave like one. For far too long our member companies, particularly small companies manufacturing here in the United States have been bearing the cost burden of China's unfair practices. We welcome this move and the goal of diversifying the sources of these important minerals used in consumer electronics products.”