The plant, which was originally founded in 1952, now produces ferroalloys.1 According to Felman, the plant is one of only two facilities in the United States that produces ferroalloy silicomanganese.2

Felman Production has invested in the plant’s infrastructure and equipment, in particular its three submerged arc electric furnaces used to melt and mix raw materials and chemical agents, ultimately creating ferroalloys. These investments have helped the plant increase production. The Felman plant employs more than 250 people, with another 210 jobs at other local companies tied to the plant's operations.


  1. Ferroalloys are created by melting and mixing raw materials into molten metal and used to impart chemical qualities to steel and cast iron, preventing corrosion and deoxidization.
  2. Silicomanganese increases the tensile strength, toughness, stiffness, wear resistance and hardenability of steel, helping to improve the safety and effectiveness of the end product.