“We are pleased that two years after its passage we can now move forward to implement this important piece of legislation and set of regulations," said Andrew O'Donovan, president, Global Advanced Metals (GAM). "These rules are an important step in the right direction toward a "conflict-free" supply chain, and we encourage any supply chain members who have delayed action until SEC rule clarification to now fully participate in this effort."

GAM says that has been a strong proponent of this legislation and regulations. CEO Bryan Ellis recently submitted a letter to SEC Chair Mary Shapiro requesting strict adherence to Dodd-Frank, along with a short phase-in period that is both socially responsible and financially feasible.

GAM owns the largest known ethical source of tantalum ore at its Western Australia based mines, and also has a smelting and processing operation which processes tantalum ore for the electronics, aerospace, automotive and other industries at its US and Japan-based facilities. In addition to its mines, it continuously source ethically produced “conflict-free” tantalum raw material throughout the world for smelting and processing operations.

Last week Kemet also approved the ruling.