Graphene 3D Labs Inc has appointed A Paul Gill to join the board of directors.

Gill is currently the CEO of Lomiko Metals and Lomiko Technologies and a Director of Graphene Energy Storage Devices (ESD) Inc, which is collaborating with Graphene Laboratories (a subsidiary of Graphene 3D Lab) to develop a graphene based high voltage supercapacitor.

Gill was an early investor in the Graphene 3D Lab through Lomiko Technologies. Lomiko Technologies currently owns 40% of Graphene ESD, which focuses on research, development and commercialization of the next generation of graphene batteries and supercapacitors. As CEO of Lomiko Technologies, Gill has been involved in the strategic and implementation phases of this copany's development.

Graphene 3D also reports that Ian Klassen and Robert Coltura have resigned from the board of directors to pursue other projects. Klassen has also resigned from his roles as president, COO and corporate secretary of the company. Klassen and Coltura had been on the board of directors of MatNic Resources Inc., a Canadian publicly listed mineral exploration company which was acquired by Graphene 3D in a reverse merger transaction in August 2014. Klassen and Coltura had stayed on the board after completion of the transaction until this date.

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