This is in response to anticipated customer demand in the growing aerospace, land-based gas turbine and chemical processing industries.

Haynes plans to invest approximately US$37 million to expand by around 60% the specialty titanium and high-performance nickel alloy tubular production capacity of its Arcadia, Louisiana, facility, and about US$24 million to expand by around 20% its capacity to produce specialty high-performance alloy flat products at Haynes’ Kokomo, Indiana, facility. The company has started initial planning and design and expects to complete both projects within the next two years, with benefits from the tubular project expected to emerge in twelve to fifteen months and benefits from the Kokomo project expected to emerge in nine to twelve months.

"The capital investments in Arcadia and Kokomo should improve our ability to service our customers' increasing demand for specialty products and also continue to improve product quality and operating efficiencies," said Mark Comerford, president and CEO.